Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queries,


  1. Take a short 15-minute flight to Dangriga airport via Maya Air or Tropic Air. The cost is approximately $90 US per person each way and is not included with your island stay. Our concierge in Belize City will be happy to assist with scheduling this flight for you. You can purchase the tickets at the counter upon arrival. To assist with scheduling the short flight, we will need your full names of each passenger as they appear on their passport, along with international arrival and departure details. Upon arriving in Dangriga, our driver will pick you up and transport you to Sittee River Marina and then over to the island by boat.
  2. Private helicopter- for approximately $3000 US one way you can take a private helicopter from Belize City International airport straight to Little Peter Oasis. Flight time is approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Private shuttle from Belize City down the coastal highway to Sittee River Marina and then over to the island by boat. Shuttle transfer is approximately $250 and the commute is 1 hour 45 minutes.
Little Peter Oasis is a totally private island rental which means you are exclusively the only rental party on the island. Our staff reside across the island in our caretakers quarters. For your convenience, we will provide you with a two-way radio to summon staff when you need something, ensuring complete privacy during your stay. Upon rare occasions a fishing boat may pass by or the local fisheries department may stop in at the dock for a visit. Our staff do a good job of letting them know that there are guests present on the island.
Generally speaking, you can book excursions on the island after you’ve arrived. Our personal concierge will provide you with all of the details and pricing for each excursion and what to expect. He will also advise you on the best days and times taking into consideration weather and sea conditions. All excursion pricing is listed on our activities menu. Charges can be applied to your Island tab and paid by credit card at check out.
Credit cards are widely accepted just about everywhere; however, it is always good to have some cash on hand. Do not exchange US dollars for Belize dollars as US dollars are excepted everywhere. Exchange rate is $2BZE to $1US. Example – $100 BZE = $50 US
As part of your island package, you will have a private chef who will cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner. All cooking is done in the chef’s kitchen across the island. Prior to arrival, you will be asked to complete a guest profile detailing food and beverage preferences, special diets, food allergies etc. The information that you provide helps us to understand which provisions to buy prior to your arrival. With each meal, your chef will go over items on the menu along with any specials. He will also meet to discuss mealtimes or in between snacks.
Tipping is one of our most frequently asked questions and it usually comes on the last day after the staff has provided great service! While each member of our staff receives a salary, much of the income they receive through tips is sent back to support their families in the villages, therefore tipping is a very important blessing that they work hard for. Many of our guests have witnessed what it is like to be treated like family along with endearing kindness and respect. You should tip what you feel is in your heart. As a guide, most guests provide group tips ranging from 5-10% of their total trip cost. This can be in the form of cash or credit card. 100% of all tips are apportioned through staff payroll.
110 outlets in Belize are the same as they are in the US, no adaptor is needed.
Children ages 5 and up are allowed. Younger children must be supervised at all times. Sorry no pets.
Most major cell phone providers with international plans work on the island but service can be spotty and somewhat unreliable at times. As stated in Island 101, we offer Island WIFI which works pretty well so long as it is not abused with excessive streaming. For phone calls, Whatsapp via WIFI appears to be more reliable than regular cell service voice calls. Texting seems to work more reliably when voice calls are spotty. Repositioning to certain areas, upper deck or end of the dock can also improve service. Our staff also have local cell phones in case of emergency and increased reliability.
Compared to other islands and certain areas on the mainland, Little Peter Oasis has very few mosquitos if any. The most annoying little predator in the area is the sand flea. We apply a treatment to the island that helps keep them under control, however, during heavy periods of rain the treatment can wear off and the bugs can reappear in that situation and usually closer to the mangroves. The elevated guest house is the perfect spot for a more bug free environment and the use of baby oil on ankles and calves is a very popular local remedy that really works! Bug spray is encouraged for trips to the mainland and on excursions.
The weather in Belize is fairly warm and tropical year-round. Island casual shorts, t-shirts, swim suits, hats, wraps, sandals and flip flops are typical during the day. Evenings, especially November through February can be breezy and cool, so lightweight pants, long sleeve shirts or blouses, a windbreaker or light duty rain parka are good choices.
The most important items based on feedback from guests:
  1. Hats & Sunglasses
  2.  Reef friendly sunscreen
  3. Important medications and female products
  4. Spare set of contact lenses or reading glasses
  5. Good pair of beach or water shoes
  6. Tight fitting scuba mask for divers
  7. Home Internet passwords- Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu
  8. International cell phone plan
  9. Small backpack or boat bag- to store cellphone, wallets and other small items while on excursions
  10. Favorite music playlist on cell phone
Last but not least- Bring your laid-back island attitude!
Yes, we do offer a Bluetooth speaker on the island in the main house and the casita. Simply bring your favorite cell phone playlist.
Yes, we do offer a Hair Dryer. No we do not have a flat iron or curling iron.
Stay indoors rest up and get to know your companion better! We also have some popular board games, a DVD movie collection and a small collection of Books donated by previous guests.
Stay indoors rest up and get to know your companion better! We also have some popular board games, a DVD movie collection and a small collection of Books donated by previous guests.
Activities on our island that are included with your stay:
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming in the lagoon
  • Paddle boarding
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Cornhole
  • Hammocking
  • Mini golf putting
  • Chilling at the Sunset Beach Palapa

Island 101


Little Peter Oasis is a private island in Belize located approximately 9 nautical miles southeast of Sittee River Marina, Sittee Village, Central Belize.
16 ° 42’ 59” N
88 ° 09’ 57” W

Closest Resort Village

Hopkins, Belize – 30-40 minutes by boat

Closest Emergency Hospital

Dangriga, Belize- 30-minute boat ride to the mainland and then 45-minute drive to the hospital. Total commute time of 1 hour 15 minutes for urgent care and non-life-threatening emergencies. Life threatening matters require transport to Belize City. Commute-30 minutes to the marina and then 1 hour 45 minutes by taxi or ambulance to Belize City.

Emergency Contact

Manny Choc – Island concierge

First Aid Kit & Fire Extinguisher

available in the kitchen cabinet


Some over-the-counter medicines for pain, fever, stomach discomfort and other ailments are available upon request. PLEASE INFORM STAFF IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY MEDICATIONS and when self-medicating ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.

Free WiFi

FREE WIFI- Your WIFI password will be available upon check in. Please use conservatively for checking emails, social media accounts or occasionally downloading movies. Important to note this is “Island WIFI” and EXCESSIVE STREAMING will disrupt service and can result in NO WIFI.

Cell Service

CELL SERVICE- Cell phones with international plans work on the island but service can be spotty at times. Service tends to be better at the end of the dock or on the upper deck. WIFI calling from the main house through WhatsApp is often a reliable way to call home with fewer calls being dropped.


The island is an off-grid property that runs off of solar energy. When it rains or is cloudy for several days, the solar panels are unable to harness the sun’s energy so we may have to use the generator to charge the batteries. We ask you to please make a conscious effort to turn off lights, fans or any other electronic devices off when not in use. There will be days when you will leave the island for an entire day to embark on an excursion; please take a moment to turn everything off before you leave.

Hot Water And Drinking Water

An 8300-gallon rain catchment and filtration system are used to collect and store water. DO NOT TO DRINK WATER FROM THE TAP. Bottled water will be provided for drinking. PLEASE USE WATER CONSERVATIVELY while showering, rinsing and flushing the toilet. We use a generator to heat water for showers. It takes approximately 22 minutes for the water to heat up and coordination of shower times with staff is essential to having a hot shower.


In Belize when it rains, it can rain sideways! The family room has 2 large 12-foot openings that must be secured in the event of an impending rain or thunderstorm. We ask that you please lock and secure all doors to the house just before bedtime. Nighttime on the island can be breezy and cool, so it is always good to bring lightweight pants and a wind breaker should a cool front pass. On inclement weather days rain and rough seas will likely having you spending time indoors. Movies and Games are available for your entertainment.

Assistance From Staff

Our island caretaker’s quarters and chef’s kitchen are located by the pier on the opposite end of the island from the main house to ensure maximum privacy for our guests. Upon checking in, your concierge will provide you with a 2-way radio to enable you to quickly summon a staff member when you need them. Be sure to keep the radio plugged in and battery charged. Examples of how you might use your radio include:
  • We are ready for bed, please come turn on the AC
  • We are ready for a hot shower please turn on the hot water heater
  • We would like to request breakfast for 9 am or dinner for 5 pm
  • We need more ice
  • We need help accessing WIFI


It is customary for our caretakers to make the beds and perform basic cleaning and freshening up daily as needed. We do not provide laundry service on the island.

Insects & Critters

Mosquitos and sand fleas – We use a very effective insecticide to periodically treat the island for sand fleas and mosquitos, making the area a relatively bug free environment. However, during periods of heavy rain the treatment does have a tendency to wear off and you may experience an occasional bite or two, not so much in the house, but while walking around the island and near the mangroves. One local remedy that works extremely well in controlling sand flea bites is to rub baby oil on your ankles and legs. When travelling to the mainland or other neighboring islands be sure to use baby oil or insect spray to prevent getting bit.
Sugar ants are another popular visitor. These tiny little housekeepers love it when guests leave them fruit, leftover food, powdered coffee creamer and other crumbs on the kitchen counter. Hint Hint
Geckos- are small harmless little lizard like creatures that make a chirping sound like a bird. Geckos are our friends! They stay hidden most of the time and they eat bugs!

Food And Beverage

Prior to arrival you were provided a guest profile that details the food beverage preferences for your group. Our staff do their best to stock the island accordingly, taking into consideration food allergies, special diets etc. Please refer to our Menu for a list of food and beverage options available with your all-inclusive package.

Convenience Items

It is important to bring all your toiletry items, medications etc. that you will need for your stay. We supply shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hairdryers. However, if you forget a toothbrush, a razor or a feminine product, we do have a box of convenience items available just in case. If you have a favorite reef friendly sunscreen like Sun Bum, bring it. The sunscreen products that are locally available in nearby convenience stores are not the best quality brands.

House Rules

  1. No Smoking – Inside the house or casita or within proximity of the thatch roof areas on any structure.
  2. Air Conditioning – As an off-grid property, AC is available in the bedrooms only at nighttime for a typical 8-hour sleep schedule.
  3. Septic System – Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Paper towels and feminine products will render the septic system inoperable.
  4. Fall Or Trip Hazard – Exercise caution as wet floors and deck areas can be slippery. There is absolutely no climbing, jumping or diving off the upper deck and railing as this may lead to serious injury or death. The water below is shallow. Violators will be asked to leave the island.
  5. Sandy Shoes – Please exercise caution to avoid sandy shoes inside the house. The hardwood floors and furniture scratch very easily.
  6. Drugs – Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited on the island. Possession of illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited on the island and on our boat. Asking island staff for drugs or to purchase drugs on your behalf is strictly prohibited and will result in the early termination of your island rental with NO refunds. Our staff and our owners reserve the right to terminate your lease at any time for any reason without a refund should such an incident occur.
  7. Excessive Drinking – Excessive drinking, drunkenness, belligerence, reckless behavior and endangerment to oneself or to private property is strictly prohibited. This type of behavior poses an increased risk for someone to get injured or hurt. Person(s) responsible for such behavior will be removed from the property at their own expense.
  8. Pet Policy – No pets allowed
  9. Rental Policy – is limited only to those guests listed on the rental agreement. Permission to have additional visitors or overnight guests, not listed on the rental agreement, must be granted by owner and additional fees may apply. Island staff reside on the island full time in the caretaker quarters located by the dock. Although it is rare, certain Government agencies such as the Fisheries department, the Belizean Coast Guard or the Belize Tourism Board may pay us a courtesy visit from time to time. Island Staff are required to address their questions and accommodate their requests.